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About this site

The Hyperreal DJ Sets archive is an educational collection of mix sets by various amateur DJs. It is intended to provide researchers with demonstrations of musical styles: every set is associated with one or more its predominant genres ("house", "techno", and so on), which allows the listener to learn by example how to distinguish between different styles, as well as to note the similarities between styles.

The archive predates Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music (hosted elsewhere), which does the same kind of thing with short samples, diagrams, and commentary.

The sets are mostly in RealAudio format (except those filed under "MP3") and are fairly low quality because they were intended to conserve bandwidth at a time when many people had to use slow modems for Internet access.

The RealAudio "Listen" links don't use a RealMedia server; they use HTTP and require that your browser be configured to launch audio/x-pn-realaudio content in RealPlayer, which doesn't work that well nowadays unless you have the RealPlayer plug-in, so you might as well just use the "Download" links and play the sets at your leisure; they're not very big.

The MP3 "Listen" links just link to a .m3u file containing an HTTP link to the set; the set should begin playing in whatever media player your browser is configured to launch when it gets a .m3u file. Again, the sets are not very big and you could just download them with the "Download" link if you want.

At this time, no new sets are being accepted for inclusion in the archive; sorry.

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