Where Can I Buy These Mixtapes?

Hyperreal is a not-for-profit organization. We do not market or sell any merchandise, including mixtapes. Many of the sets on the HDS archive are only available in the format of the audio files on our server. You may, however, be able to contact the DJ who spun the set -- and see if they have a copy they'd be willing to make for you. Understand at that point that your interaction with the DJ has nothing to do with Hyperreal.

Can You ID A Song In A Mix For Me? Are There Any Tracklists?

Currently, Hyperreal does not host tracklists for the DJ sets provided by guest DJs. Mostly, they're not even available with the original submissions/media that have been placed online. Your best bet is to ask your qeustions in the Track IDs forum on Discogs.

How Can I Contact A Specific DJ?

Few of the DJs featured in the HDS are actually affiliated with Hyperreal. In fact, I believe there are less than 3 individuals out of the entire archive of DJs who are involved in Hyperreal ongoings. Many sets have been donated electronically or were added to the archives before I took the site over. For that reason, I have a limited contact list of DJs. This contact list, however, links to websites and email addresses that may be of use to you. Outside of the DJs included in the DJs contact page, the DJ may either be unavailable or has requested not to be added to the DJ contact page.

How Do I Listen To The RealAudio Sets?

The RealAudio sets are in various formats from RealAudio 3.0 to 7.0/G2. If you do not have the Real Audio player, you can download the free player from RealNetworks. If you are having problems with your RealPlayer, I would first suggest upgrading to the most recent player (especially if your player came "embedded" in your web browser) and then contacting Real Networks for technical support with the player on your system.

Why Do I Get Strange Garbage When I Try To Download A Set?

Good question. It's a combination of environment problems between your browser, the server, and your system registry (usually). Although solving it via server settings, it simply causes the same problem for people who have the other system setting on their machine. A true solution would be to work with your system registry, but the easiest solution and only answer I'm willing to "support" is to (PC users) right-click on the "download" link from the DJ Set list and select "save link as". This should force your browser to download the RM file without attempting to display it on your screen.

Why Don't You Put These Sets Up In High Quality MP3?

Historically, the site consisted of large (30 MB+) AU-format files. These were converted to Real Audio when streaming audio became available and popular in that format. The older sets don't exist in any other format now. Also, this site is not intended for music distribution, just listening over low-bandwidth connections, so high-quality sets were never a priority.
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